Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Green Lotus Salon and Wellness

Good morning everyone and Happy Valentines Day!! I was in desperate need of a hair cut so this morning I had an appointment at Green Lotus Salon and Wellness. Over the past year I have been working hard to switch over to a mainly organic diet, to change all the products that I use on my body to organic more eco friendly versions, and I stopped taking all medications. So I figured that the next step I could take would be to change to more eco friendly green salons where I get my hair done, and occasionally nails done. So I searched google and I found this salon that wasn't too far from home. This salon offers hair cuts, color, highlights all done with organic dyes, message, and facials.

It was so relaxing the moment you walk into the salon. The first thing that I noticed when I walked in was that there is no over powering chemical smell that salon's have. The staff was extremely friendly and offered tea, or coffee. They use all environmentally friendly organic products. The best part is that they give you a 5 minute scalp message while they are washing your hair. So relaxing I almost fell a sleep. All the the styling products are organic and make from ingredients that I know. They use essential oils on your hair that smell amazing. One of the holding products they used had honey in it. My hair still smells super good. Overall it was such a great experience I love the way my hair looks and I look forward to going back for another trim in 8 weeks.

Hair Cut!!
Has anyone else tried a green hair or nail salon? My next goal is to find a green nail salon to go get a pedicure!!!


  1. Hi Nichole, Beautiful blog! I need to search for a green salon in the Atlanta area. Good for you for finding one!