Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Documentary "Fresh"

I saw this documentary last May at a kick off event for my town's farmers market. However, this week they were allowing people to watch it for free on their website and I decided to watch it again last night. It was just as inspiring as it was the first time. It takes a closer look at what people are eating and where your food really comes from. It highlights all the problems that are occurring from how farming is being done today. The documentary explores the rising organic local movement and provides alternatives that are better for our plant and our bodies. The most inspiring part was the story about Will Allen who took a small 3 acre piece of land and grows fruits and vegetables, composts food waste and raises animals all in that small space. It made me want to go out and work in the garden!!!
Go to the site and watch the trailer

Anyone have any good food documentary recommendations?

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