Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Benefits of Raw Honey

Ever since I stopped drinking coffee I’ve been drinking a ton of tea. Normally I drink tea plain without anything in it but once a day I add raw honey. If I feel like I’m getting sick I will use more. Most people associate honey with that cute little bear shaped bottle that you get at the grocery store. That honey is not raw it is commercial which means that it has been pasteurized which means that it was heated at 70 degrees Celsius or more, and followed by rapid cooling. It is then filtered so it looks clear which makes it more appealing to the consumer. However this process destroys the yeast and enzymes in honey that are responsible for activating vitamins and minerals in the body. It is best to go with organic local raw honey whenever possible. Raw honey is an all natural cure to many problems. Raw honey can balance your blood sugar, harmonize the liver, neutralize toxins, relieve pain, clear out toxins, and calm nerves. There are huge benefits to consuming raw honey. It can be anti bacterial. Honey is recommended as a face mask for acne, or to use on cuts and burns for its anti bacterial properties. Honey is also anti allergenic and recommended for people suffering from allergies. Honey is also anti-inflammatory, anti-anemic and fever-reducing. I remember when I would complain of a sore throat my Nana would give me a spoon full of honey. Along with treating sore throats honey is also used to treat chronic bronchitis, diabetes, asthma, cholesterol, sinusitis, and nerve damage. So go buy some raw local organic honey and add to your yogurt, or your cup of tea in place of sugar and reap the benefits. 

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